Preference Personnel

A Note From the Fun Committee

Thank you for selecting us to be the one’s responsible for getting any fun done around here.
 PES Fun Committee
October was ESOP month and what better way to celebrate our employee ownership than by having fun. Our job is not easy. We have to come up with fun plans that will entertain EVERYONE. We have to have fun plans that are on site, quick, tied to the importance of our ESOP and all on an employee-owner budget. 
But we are up to the challenge! Our creative, brainstorm sessions are full of laughs, scowls, research, reflection on what has already been done and challenging each other on how to carry out our ideas. 
Here is a peek at some of the fun we had this October…
Pie in the Eye
What better way to come together as a team than to throw pie at our fearless leader and CEO, David!
David Dietz, PES President
Office Mini-Golf
Team bonding through hole- in- ones and bonus ESOP questions for the win!  
ESOP Mini Golf Winners
Team Building
Professional development using  plush animals, tennis balls and hoola hoops! (For more info on this, read the previous blog.)
PES Team
Breaking Bread and Award Ceremony
Food and laughs are always welcome on our team! 
PES Award Ceremony
Engaging our kids and dogs in our workplace helps them see how special our family away from our family really is. 
PES Kids PES Dogs
So thank you employee-owners for stepping away from your desks to have fun together as a team.   You know what they say….a team that has fun together – stays together!