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What do plush animals, tennis balls and hoola hoops have to do with team building?

The air is crisp on this fall day as our team gathers for some team building with Matt Weiss from Dawson’s. 
We don’t know anything about the next 1.5 hours, but we step into a yard full of props:  orange cones, ropes, poles, balls, life-preserver, stuffed animals and hoola hoops. 
You can already see our individual strengths as we walk into the unknown…some of us ready to win! Some, ready to have fun! Others are very cautiously sizing it all up! 
Here is what we learned about ourselves and our team using referenced from the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.
1. Face to face communication works best – stand in a circle, not a line.  
2. Honor each others  strengths.
3. Know that it is OK to make mistakes – especially the first time through an activity. 
1. Listen and TRY each others ideas….don’t be so quick to say “That won’t work.” 
2. Have an open debate first about how to get 80 balls in the bucket. 
3. Make it safe for people to have a voice. 
1. Communicate the plan in details – not everyone at the same time, though. 
2. Don’t agree just to agree – you might miss the opportunity to figure out the BEST way to do something. 
3. Make sure everyone agrees with the goal! Thumbs up! 
1. Knock out assumptions…you know what they say about assumptions? Move the rope! 
2. We all have the ability to step up as leaders. 
3. Calling each other out for dropping the ball may or may not be a form of accountability.
1. Cheering each other on and celebrating along the way! 
2. Results should be team-driven. No one is a better “flower” than anyone else. 
3. If you’re not having fun, what ARE you doing? 
What we learned in the cold outdoors today can easily be transitioned into our meeting rooms, conversations with the people we serve and in developing our own individual strengths. 
What could you learn about your team if you moved towards greater functionality
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